My my, after reading all those rules I am not sure whether its okay to post this thread

Anyways, I have been reading up on these drivers and I'm a little unsure about what each of these do.

In this thread (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=606322), someone suggested that you can simply connect the guitar directly (or with fx processor) into the computer with an adapter using the ASIO4ALL driver. If you connect directly into the computer, does the ASIO4ALL driver provide effects? such as overdrive, wah, chorus, delay or does this simply record the clean sounds of the guitar?

Because, the kX project drivers seem to provide a vast array of effects and they allow for recording. If so, the kX can essentially replace a multi-fx pedal or any pedal - ignoring quality of the effects.

So does the ASIO4ALL driver have effects as well like the kX project drivers? And if I get the kX drivers and plug the guitar directly into the computer, I can get effects without a physical pedal?

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