Im looking to build an electric so I can have a custom paint job. I really like the JEM bodys. Does anyone know where I can get the body from? But If you dont know anywhere where I can get the body from I like the SG body style as well.

Also, what are the best pickups to put in for metal or hard rock?Also, I was looking on the inet and came across the JEM swirl..How do they paint it like that?

Thanks alot!
www.warmoth.com everything you need to build your own guitar. for metal or hard rock pickups, i would go with the seymour duncan hot-rodded combo. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seymour-Duncan-Hot-Rodded-Humbucker-Set-?sku=300030
ask in the guitar building and customizing forum, you would get much better help there.
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