i'm looking for recommendations as to my next workhorse axe. last couple of years i've been playing an SAS32FM, which is a nice guitar, but a little limiting. i find it goes outn of tune really easy.

so i was thinking of something with a locking bridge of some sorts, and it has to be light and slim, but importantly, it's got to have a floyd rose trem. however, there are very few of those around that don't have jumbo frets, which is probably useful for me as i have quite small fingers. i was thinking about the JS100, but it's a little pricey, and there aren't any around where i live to try out.

any recommendations at all? is it worth making the jump to larger frets? maybe i should try a different manufacturer? i've avoided that in the past because so many of my favourite artists play ibanez.

thanks very much.
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Ibanez S (prestige if you can afford it)
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From what I've heard the JS100 is a lump of crap with Satch's name on it. I second the S though not necessarily the prestige.