Well, I have been playing for two years now, but I just now got an electric (Les Paul=])
However, I cannot think of anything to play. can anyone reccomend me some good two year player solos?
The solo to Lonely Day by SOAD, there should be a tab somewhere around here. It's pretty easy though but fun to play
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We're not Gonna Take it by Twisted Sister is a good one...
Also try for Stash by Phish.

Yeah, I lvoe twisted sister, pretty cool solo, I learned it yesterday. Really easy, though.
I think I am going to try heartbreaker, I always thought that was an awesome solo.
Damn, heartbreaker is hard. That triller from 2-5 is tough to do with my fingers.
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Under The Influence by Rusty Cooley would be a good beginner solo, same with Altitudes by Jason Becker, haha.
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