Hey everybody well i have a problem I dont no what next gutiar to buy.... I have been playing for 8 months now Im ready for a step up guitar. At frist I wanted to get a schecter c-1 hellraiser with emgs ($650 i think) but I am in love with the gibson sg. So I really want a gibson sg faded speicial but i havent played it yet, and my spending limit is about $650 then i looked at the epi les paul stantard plus, but i just dont know please tell what you think and give me even other suggestions. I play rock and a little metal and some older stuff (sabbath hendrix the good stuff) so tell me what you think. (amp- peavey envoy 40w, gutiar- peicie of ****, effects- zoom g2.1u and boss ds-1 that i dont use)
i dont think u can get a gibson sg for 650 dollars..
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Go try them all out and then decide, in the end it's your decision over whichever you like the feel and sound of best. But get a decent amp and the guitar will sound a lot better
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i have a les paul standard and its awesome, but id personally go for the gibson simply because i bum over gibson guitars =]
just play them all and pick which one you like the best. (personally I'd pick the SG)
I'd just buy a dean vendetta 1 you dont really need to spend that much on a guitar for how long you have been playing. An tip EMGS pretty much suck.
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I own two SG's a standard and the GT. I love SG's but don't care for the faded at all. I don't like the overall feel and the pickups. I do like the Schecter. The best advice has already been given. Check both out to see what you like best. Opinions are what they are. Find what suits you best.