Alright, i saved about 400 bucks, my folks said they could pitch in a little extra, so my price range is 300-500ish. I want a guitar with
single coil pickups, (or at least one)
and a whammy bar. I
m not too crazy about stratocasters but if thats the only option left, then sure. I cant find any teles with whammy bars and i really wanted a tele, so if anyone can find an ibanez fender or something else with single coil and whammy besides a strat, please post
What kind of 'whammy'/vibrato system you looking for?
You could buy a tele and have a Bigsby system fitted afterwards?
They do sell teles with Bigsby systems fitted to.
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My friend has an Ibenez RG. I think its RG350, im not sure though. It has a floyd rose style tremelo, and a HSH pickup configuration. It isn't my choice of a guitar, but he loves it.
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You can probably find an LTD or Schecter with a floyd and a coil tap in that range
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Used RG5x0. Cheap as hell, and better than all the guitars stated above. Better trem, Awesome neck. Check them out.
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