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only songs i know right now are both by JBT, Ocean and What You Want

what are some other songs in Open C tuning?
i prefer finger picking songs or just nice sounding chord progressions like What You Want

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ahhh my guitar that I'm holding is actually in that tuning, and I just played both of those songs

I'm learning "Betterman" today; it's in open C as well, plus it has some slide it it. Super cool song! I'm sure some of John's other songs are in open C, maybe Zebra? That's just a guess though. Hope that helped

edit: heh, I just checked, and it looks like Zebra's in standard. Sorry about that. I think Seeing Angels is the same tuning only a half step down from open C?
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^Zebra is in Open B minor, but pretty much all the other songs of his are in Open C.
If you have a slide, you can try Treat Yo Momma, it's a fun song to learn.
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Ocean Live by John Butler Trio.

Better than the studio recording. Awesome, really mellow.
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Final Passage by Al Petteway. Also, if you tune to Open Cm(High E to Eb), Whispering Stones by Al is a pretty mellow tune. With a little work, you can even make it pretty sad.
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JBT all the way. 'Pickapart' and 'Life ain't what it seems' are damn good to learn.
Make sure you go on youtube and check out his lessons too.
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im pretty sure friends by zeppelin is open c tuning as well (cgcgce) mostly open strumming with a great rhythm fairly easy once you've got it
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Little Lion Man--Mumford and Sons. That's about the extent of my open C experience.
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One short story by Xavier rudd. Played on a weissenborn but easy on guitar just play chords over the top Andy Mckee "Drifting" style
its a different Open C it goes


So it's just Open D down a step, instead of the JBT way
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I'm afraid to say this, but...Citizen Soldier by 3 Doors Down...
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Try Foxglove by Bruce Cockburn and Bron-Yr-Aur by Led Zeppelin (a minor tweak to the tuning). They're grat
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"All the Kings Horses" by Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation is in open C. It's a beautiful song, too.
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Better man by jbt, sounds pretty tricky but it's a lot easier than you think.
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King of Spain- Tallest Man on Earth (C G C G C E)
Independence Day- Elliott Smith (C G C E G C)
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Bron-yr-aur is in open "G", not C. [dgdgbd]

I'm pretty sure you could find many more songs in open G.
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no bron-yr-aur is in open C, at least according to all the tabs I see on the site
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Caledonia by Dougie MacLean is in open c, his 'ready for the storm' is in CGCGCD#, and his 'she loves me' is in CGCGCD (I think). Bron-y-aur (not to be confused with bron-y-aur stomp) is in CACGCE, as is Friends, both by Zep. You can do both in open c but its easier the other way and that's how page does it live.
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One of my favorite songs in open c, Burden in my hand by Soundgarden (CGCGGE). I can't believe it hasn't been mentioned yet. Awesome song.
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Quote by jkemp1
"All the Kings Horses" by Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation is in open C. It's a beautiful song, too.

^^^ this. one of my faves! great pick! There's a dude on youtube even that shows how to play it (very well) in open C.

thanks for reminding me of this great little song.
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Ewan Dobson - Time, Orange, Through The Roof, I Know Your Pain etc. Open C tuning and variations of it is like Ewan's standard tuning.

Beat me to it, pretty much all his songs are in open C.
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Read this please. This as well.
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Quote by theogonia777 like three years...

lol, didn't check the date.
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Might have been suggested but Devin Townsend's entire discography is in Open C or Open B. Judging my the things being suggested, OP, you would like "Ih-Ah" from "Addicted!" or all of "Ghost".
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Standard tuning has always been fine for me.... Too lazy to constantly re-tune...

But "C" is two full steps down from standard.... Doesn't that start to get rather sloppy? I mean, an acoustic guitar needs a certain amount of mechanical energy and tension to work at all.... Don't these very low tunings cause a lot of slap and string buzz and volume loss?

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Quote by derek8520
That's played in drop D.

Hm, he's probably playing it wrong then.
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