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guns n roses- paradise city has got quiet a hard solo, u need a fast hand to play that one

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Stevie Ray Vaughan - Little Wing | Intermediate


Lots to learn from that one.
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Freewill - Rush
intermediate/advanced, the solo's timing is very hard to get down

Lakeside Park - Rush
Intermediate, got a neat little solo

Whiskey in the jar - Thin Lizzy/metallica
intermediate, Ive found that the metallica one is tabbed more accurate, and if i remember right, the metallica is the same exact version, just tuned down

Rock you like a hurricane - The Scorpions
intermediate/advanced, probably more of a transitional song
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Slither, Fall to Pieces, She Builds Quick Machines-Velvet Revolver
SCOM, November Rain-Guns N' Roses
All Along the Watchtower-Jimi Hendrix
Originally Posted by darkstar2466
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pull harder on the strings of your martyr by trivium is intermediate i think until it gets to the solos, but theyre easy if you can sweep pick
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a good intermediate song

Inferno(unleash the fire) - Symphony X
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Plagued Paradise
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megadeth rule
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Angel by marty friedman


more for advanced players
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hello guys how is everything
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megadeth rule
oh, hi
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Angel -Mmarty Friedman

pretty hard, awesome if you want to practise soloing
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I guess these are more "advanced" but:

Between the Buried and Me's Selkies: the Endless Obsession , not thier toughest stuff, but still pretty difficult all together (not to mention its 7 minutes of progressive riffs)

The Black Dahlia Murder's
Miasma , tons of tremolo picking, tons.

Arch Enemy's Stigmata , lovely little instrumental track with alot of the common solo techniques put in, fun to play

pretty sure most of those are on youtube in some form
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Blackened by metallica. The solo's very easy to play
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someone's listening in.
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Originally Posted by Hahol
I would suggest Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge.


Getting it perfectly right and sound clean is pretty hard.

My guitar-ego just took a bit hit. That intro is insanely hard to get right. Screw bending and vibrato, I just found a new practice tune...

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Much more than metal:)
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look, were talking intermediate and advanced here, not expert shredders.
Bark at the moon intermediate?


I agree on fade to black though, lots of melodys, and the solos are playable
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I'd have to class 'Under the Bridge' as Beginner/Intermediate (chord forms and hammer-ons are beginner, getting that awesome rhythm is the intermediate part). Also props to the guy who said 'Snow', I'm learning that now. I would also thing that SRVs version of Little Wing is more advanced than intermediate (IMO).

I don't think this has been said but I say -

Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam (Intermediate)

It's got that clasic Hendrix mix of rhythm and lead with some nice muted parts mixed in for good measure.
Originally Posted by jimtaka
i'd say your guitar is out of tune, or you are accidentally muting strings that you aren't trying to, or your right hand isn't strumming at the same time that your left hand is fretting, or you could be reading the tab upside down...
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I need a tab thats like heavy metal with some heavy riffs that sound awesome, something thats around the same difficulty as Six by All that Remains?? some help me out
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Gunz n Roses - Sweet Child O Mine /Good for string skipping and appregos.


Buckethead - Jordan /Good for fast picking on ALL strings, and very fast finger movements.

Super Advanced / Expert:

Who could of missed it:

Dragonforce - Through the Fire and the Flames /Honestly, try it. Its really all easy except for the solo:

//Good For (A List lol)


A TON of Artificial Harmonics // Some strange A.H Chords, which im totally confused about how the hell you do that.

Super fast picking / Alternate Picking

Wammy / pedal effects

Practice on memorizing very long, half random songs.
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huh where the hell is iron maiden in all this
phantom of the opera is a good song moderately hard song you'll need to developed a strong hand b/c it will hurt after a while i swear they must had been on speed when they play live
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J. Satriani - Love Thing most of the song is even begginer but there are three faster passages which make it rather intermediate thing

J.Satriani - Always With Me, Always with You intermediate with more passages and tapping

J. Petrucci - Lost Without You great for articulation practice, some difficult passages included, but not that difficult after all
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More lessons you can find on This Site:
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JerryC- Canon Rock


Eric Johnson- Cliffs of Dover

both awesome songs and STRICTLY guitar
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