I know i made alot of these but I'm still trying to decide on a sansa. Right now at circuit city, the 4GB e260 is $70 cheaper than the 8GB e280. I just want to make sure i'll have enough space so i don't have to buy yet another mp3 player. Does anyone know about how many cds the e260 will hold with the songs in wma format at 128kbps?
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Better safe than sorry. Just buy the 8gb one, and if you have left over space, just stuff it with music videos or something.
8 gigs is about 2500 songs in wma...and 4 is about 1200...so you do the math. Take every cd that you're planning on putting on the player on your playlist and see how much it adds up to...
just a real quick question. Whats the largest capacity of the micro SD cards that you can use with the e260?
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