right, i'm thinking about building myself a third pedalboard. mines about 18"x14", and its gone from 4 stomp boxes to 6, plus a wah, and 2 f/s's, resulting in a total mess =p. the pedals are in the sig (plus a small footswitch, and a large-ish one, and a power brick....and a micro mixer if i get my own way lol)

i'm thinking about carpeting it, just to be classy and save on velcro. it doesnt need to be in case form and any advice would be apprieciated

thanks guys, i promise i'll shut up after this one lol.

so what size and stuff should i go for?

EDIT: oh yea, how much is it likely to cost (in £££s please) taken a plank of wood and carpet into account?

ANOTHER EDIT: oh yea, could do with room for a delay =D

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Do a multi-storey pedalboard Never seen that one before
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was thinking about a rack fx case with a slide out tray or something....but just no lol.
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Its not expensive at all to make a pedal board, unless you're including the price of a power supply too.

What you need to do is plan the exact layout of the board you want, measurements and all that, and then order the wood in that size. And order some velcro too.

The thing is though, some pedals are awkward, and the rubber feet don't come off, or the screws at the bottom stick out, so vecro isn't always that useful with all pedals.
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You need to ask yourself...

1. What do I need to access the most? Should I put that on the front row, middle, or back row?

2. What do I need to consider in terms of power?

3. What do I need to consider in terms of portability?

If you want to know what size the board should be, layout all of your pedals after you've answered the first question and measure the area around that. Get the pedals as close as possible but allow enough room around them for cables and your feet (if you've got gigantor feet like me). If you need any more help beyond that, let me know.