Ive never really looked into them, so can someone tell me what the advantages and disadvantages of them are compared to having a fretted bass? thanks people!
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They have a tone more like an upright bass.

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Advantage - Unique tone
Disadvantage - No margin for error with the left hand, slightly off where the note should be played and in a band situation it can sound awful.
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Here's the skinny on a fretless -

The fretboard takes some getting used to - the absence of frets means a seemingly larger, longer space in which to play. There is ZERO room for error with the fret hand, as the above poster mentioned - it will sound HORRID if you're a miniscule amount too far off the note where the 'fret' would be. Takes some real getting used to.

The upside - The sound is MUCH warmer, which is the word that was being sought earlier, and this comes from the ability to slide or use very ambient vibrato when pulling out or sliding a note. The lack of frets means that the choppy quality most basses have, meaning one note being clearly seperated from another (the succinct stop between notes) will dissappear. It's small, but very noticable. The tone of a fretless lends itself to classical or jazz settings best due to the favoring of lows and mids with little high end - which comes from the lack of the 'metallic' sound that happens when you slide your finger over a fret or fret just behind one. With a bit of practice, though, you can use it equally as well for almost any genre.

My advice? Try one out three or four times a week at a local shop for a month or so and make your choice - there's nothin quite like loving an instrument you've just gotten, and there's also nothing quite like hating one. Play one for at least a month, then decide.