Hey, just started listening.

Right off the bat you can tell it has the sound of one of those "anthem" songs. I can almost hear the strings coming in and some heavy echoing bass drum in the back.

As far as creatively it's not a stretch of the world's genres of music but that's not what it had to be about. With some good lyrics this could be a powerful song and you could make girls cry and stuff.

Even without lyrics if you added some strings (if you have means to) and put in some depth to the song it could be a much more interesting listen.

Till then it will remain your diamond in the rough.

If you wouldn't mind: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=625409
yeah im gonna put alot more stuff with it over time..
im a girl..so maybe i wouldnt try the make the girls cry..haha..its cool.
im gonna try to use the keyboard and put a lil bit of sax and maybe a violin and some light drums with it..
I was going to comment on this yesterday but this site was working so slow I couldnt wait for the pages to load.

I just wanted to say i liked the song and it reminded of an acoustic Tune the tragically hip wrote.

nice job
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