How's it going? This is my first post and I am just here seeking a bit of advice. I own an Epiphone Les Paul which I bought second hand. When I first got it I couldn't strum a chord without the whole thing going ridiculously out of tune. So I got it set up and it held a little better except for the low E and G strings would constantly go out of tune. So recently I installed Planet Wave Auto Trim tuning machines (the kind where you run the string straight through the post instead of wrapping them around) and the strings stay intune alright except for the G string. It goes out of tune easily and the tuning key goes slack even though the screws are tight and the little lock nut washer underneath is on correctly. All the screws are tight, no loose hardware, the guitar is set up okay, no action or intonation problems, I use .11 gauge strings, no visible problems with the neck, and no obvious possibilities of what the trouble could be. I even put some graphite shavings in the G string nut slot to prevent slipping. I'm running out of ideas of what could be the problem, perhaps it's an issue with the nut? If anyone out there may have an idea of what the problem could be any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks a million.
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this happens quite often actually to many people, what i did to combat this is when i put new strings on, take and stretch out the strings repeatedly after tuning them a bit, re-tune, stretch again, do this for a little while until you can stretch your strings while they're tuned and they don't become untuned. obviously after playing awhile they will slowly start to stretch and you'll have to re-tune them (like with all guitars) but this should help out. peace out!
i put new strings on, strum the living doodoo out of them for about 10 seconds , retune, repeat, retune, then i bend each string 1.5 to 2 steps, retune, then repeat, then retune. they they are usually good, gets the stretched and some early wear. also when you put new strings on, make sure you leave room for the top of the string to wrap around the tuner at least twice
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Nah, I stretch the strings like mad when I first put them on, so that's never an issue. I think the problem is a little deeper. But thanks anyway.
And I have Auto trim tuning machines where the string runs straight through the post and is clipped off automatically when you tune up, so wrapping isn't an issue.
I've owned this guitar for over a year now, all the obvious solutions I've tried everyday. I'm thinking maybe it's something to do with the nut. If anyone knows anything about nuts in regards to tuning issues and not refering to the ones between your legs, please pass along some info. Thanks.
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The G is always a pain. Breaks, detunes and so on.
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try the pencil solution. it seems to have worked for me. rub the pencil tip through the area where the G string ( ) cuts into the nut.
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try the pencil solution. it seems to have worked for me. rub the pencil tip through the area where the G string ( ) cuts into the nut.

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last time i changed the strings on my les paul i rubbed some graphite (i used leads you put in mechanical pencils) into each slot on the nut and bridge as i had tuning problems with a couple of strings, seems to be sorted now.