How will the marshall DSL401 cope with metal, blues, rock and other stuff i play. I got an epi iommi SG and metal muff. I wana play sabbath, cream, hendrix, zakk, ozzy, megadeth and many others. WOuld this amp cope with all these genres? Also at the moment i got a MG DFX15 i know there pretty bad but how much better would the DSL401 be? Also i heard tony iommi uses laneys> Which is better marshall or laneys> Or is the marshal range just overated?
its definitely going to be worlds better than what you have now. laney might not cover quite everything you have listed there, and it will also end up being more expensive. id go with the 401, its got a good repuatation, and i enjoyed the )very) brief time ive spent with it.

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my grandma is dying and my mum wants me to play something on bass for her, any body got any suggestions?!

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another one bites the dust has a pretty cool bass line
i say for things like this..........search button?

but thats not a bad amp at all for a start!