Hello everyone.

I just had an argue with a friend of mine in which we could not find info about on the internet.

Who in Dimmu Borgir writes the classical parts? Is this done by some composer outside the band, and later just denied/approved by the band. Or do the bandmembers actually write all of the compositions themselves.

Thanks for the cooperation, and sorry about the gayness of the thread.

I never really delved into this much, and I'm not sure where I'm getting this, but I thought Mustis was the one who wrote them and then Dimmu got the Norwegian symphonic orchestra to record?
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Well my friend who's the actual fan, says that Shagrath helps writing them too. But i don't know, something about that guy just makes him look so incompetent.
Shagrath and Mustis both write the music and orchestration. Shagrath writes alot of the guitar parts and symphonic stuff, while Mustic writes the keyboard parts.