Yeah, I remember them having a girl guitarist. That always sticks out in my mind. The music is pretty cool.
Yet another generic, boring death metal band.
"We've had many cases in this department where a body has been found in pieces, or decomposed, and we've been able to put things together. Yes, the head, the upper part of the body, in a very badly
decomposed state"
The guitarist looks exactly like my most recent ex girlfriend...lol
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When I say offensive I mean offensive like dressing up as superman in a wheel chair offensive, not penis suit offensive.
Yeah, I've heard of them. I think I may have made a thread a long time ago on them. Yes, they are fairly generic, but I don't find them boring at all.
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BTW do not say n-i-g-g-e-r. I know some one who said lets go buy some snickers and some black guy punched him in the face.