Just wanted to get your guys opinion of which would give me better overdrive tone.

I have a Fender Blues Jr amp, and a Keeley Phat Modded BD-2 Blues Driver, and also a Weber MiniMass attenuator.

I play in an apt. so i need good overdrive and a quiet level.

How should i configure this gear to get the best out of it at a low level? ex: use the blues jr for the overdrive or use the pedal to add the O/D.

any ideas?
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use the amp for overdrive and then boost it with the OD
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I would use that attenuator and get as much drive out of the amp as possible and if it's still not enough for your liking then use the pedal. But try it with and without the pedal just mess around with it and see what sound you like the best.
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Crank the Blues Junior's master volume through the attenuator, keeping its volume control around 10-12 o'clock. It should get you a nice breakup tone. Throw in the pedal on a lower gain setting with plenty of level if you need more OD.
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Yeah , i want to crank the amp's volume to get a good OD tone, but, it's way too oud for my apartment. And i have a Weber MiniMass, and when i use that, it sucks out way too much tone and doesn't sound that great.

Any other ideas?
Gibson Les Paul 60's Neck
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I'd have thought using both would sound the best. Get the amp to be slightly breaking up and then use the BD as a boost to send it into overdrive. On the BD set the gain low and crank the vol. I've never used a BD so I'm not sure if that actually works, it works with most overdrive pedals.

You're the one with the equipment. So just play around with it.
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