Some friends and I are playing teenagers by my chemical romance for a talent show, and I've got everything down pat except the little turn-around kinda thing right before the chorus, and the same kinda thing at the end of the song. I can do something kinda like it, but if anyone knows how it's done then please tell me.

And no anti-mcr posts please, the new album has some good riffs and my opinion.
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Quote by ItWillDo
You actually expect "to win" a "talent"show by playing a song of My Chemical Romance?

Did you not read my entire post?

No anti-mcr posting.

Just help.

And no, I expect to enjoy myself playing a catchy song in front of my school.

Elitist idiot.
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Well ok, as long as you're not getting your hopes up. There should be a tab somewhere around. It shouldn't be too hard tabbing it out yourself neither.

And yes im an Elitist .
Nobody at all has tried to play this song?
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