Last night while I was lying in my bed watching Ninja Warrior [Go Shingo!] It hit me that I should put a pitch shifter in my guitar with a momentary on switch so that i won't have to push it on and then push it off. Originally I only wanted it to go an octave higher but I realized that it may be easier to put the whole pedal in there. Now I have a very basic Idea of how to do this. Very basic and I do realize that I am running the risk of screwing up my guitar to the point of little or no return. But seeing as how it has been there many times before I'm gonna' go through with it. SO, if you have any insight or tips that can help me with this project please PLEASE feel free to tell me. Please.

ive seen it done with the nobs in their own controll cavity at the back or even just drilled through the pickguard on fenders

basicaly lose the enclosure of the pedal.......make sure all the controls are reachable ad your sorted
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I always wanted to do that too! I got the idea from a keyboard and ever since I've been wanted to do it. What pedal do you have?
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sounds pretty cool
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Pretty much you just have to take it out of the box and route a space for the circuit, then wire it up. However you're probably going to have to redo the switch, because the way pedals are switched 'on' is by using a stereo jack in the input, and by plugging in a mono jack you complete a circuit (hard to explain, but look up some circuits and you'll see). Essentially what this means is that you need to devise a new way to do this using a switch. The easiest way would probably be to use a 3pdt switch, and use it as a dpdt switch for true bypass purposes, with the third row being used to break/complete the circuit of the battery in a similar fashion to the way it is using the input jack method.
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