I know this is kind of an odd question but, my aunt and unkle gave this guitar to me and I can't figure out what it is. I don't know that much about guitar gear,sorry. Helpful info would be greatly appreciated!

Here's some info that will hopefully help you:
  • it has no whammy bar
  • the fret board is a light wood color
  • on the back of the neck is a stripe to help you straighten it im assuming
  • it has three pickups, one in the middle and two at the bottom
  • the place where you plug it in is located on the edge, not in front
  • the bridge is adjustable with screws
  • when you replace the strings, they don't go through the body, they go through the bridge
  • the pick guard covers most of the body
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try looking on the fender/squire official website.. that's how i found out what kind mine was.
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its a squier 51
i have one too
the pick guard gave it away

they made a good choice for you btw
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