i just got a guitar a couple days ago and was wondering if u guys know some really tabs i can learn something like smoke on the water where theres not to much movin around the frets or hard picking
alot of nirvana if thats your thing
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nirvana, blink 182, sum 41, there are plenty of bands that are good to start with, but be sure to move on when you are confident with these bands.
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Depending on what style you want to learn, you'd be best off learning either some basic (triad) chord songs or some basic power chord songs. I'd suggest Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd), Blackbird (The Beatles), and maybe Down on the Corner (Creedence Clearwater Revival). These songs will teach you essential chords and basic picking styles (I'd suggest fingers, but play however makes you most comfortable).

If you're more into modern stuff, maybe Mother (Danzig), Gone Away (Offspring), or Glycerine (Bush).

IMO it's important that you divirsify your playing. Make sure to play a little from every genre, even if you dont especially get into that type of music. It'll make you a more well-rounded guitarist, and when you're at a party some day and someone asks you to get up there with the band, you'll have a variety of songs and styles to pull from.