Ladies and Gentlemen, here is my situation:

i have about $850 CAD to spend on a new guitar, I have my heart set on Jackson RRV model, cause i want a v shaped guitar, and i want the FR bridge

here's the thing, is it really worthwhile to spend the extra cash on on the RR3 (where i've priced it in Toronto i can get the RRx10 for 479, and the RR3 for 699)

from what i can tell i'm spending an additional 220 dollars for a pick guard, a tone pot and marginally better pick ups

is there major structural differences about the guitars, any experiences with either of those guitars, i'd really appreciate any words of wisdom
i would go rr3, but that is just me because i dig those pickups
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I've played the RR3 and really liked it. Enough to make me reconsider buying a DKMG.

Though if I remember right, doesn't the cheaper one have 24 frets and the RR3 only 22? Not sure if that makes a difference to you.

But at the end of the day, you'll have to try both and see which you like better. When I bought my last guitar, I liked the feel of the floor model Mexi-Strat over the new-in-box American Standard that they ordered for me... each guitar is different.