How easy is this program for guitar players? I have some guitar tracks recorded and since I can't find a drummer I thought I would try drum programming. How hard is this to get some drum tracks down for a none drummer dude.
Eh, for me, sometimes my drum tracks fall into place nicely and sometimes it takes me hours. Depends on the song, depends on how complex you want your drum track to be, and depends on how often you want to vary it... If you just want to backing track to a guitar part then it should be fairly easy and quick.

Also do you have a MIDI controller or are you just going to use keyboard/mouse? You should be able to do simple stuff just fine with keyboard and mouse but a MIDI controller makes it so much easier, imo.
Since you can use it with just the MIDI beats that it comes with, which don't sound bad at all, you don't really need any skills to get a decent drum arrangement going. In the end I'd recommend using an interface you're familiar with, I still use Guitar Pro, to program your own beats to fit your riffs/songs because that will give the music a more personal touch. But as a start the beats in the program are enough to get you started and recording.