Hey all, new here.

I don't know what you'd call this technique, otherwise I would have searched for it. It seems basic, but I've never quite figured out how to master it.

Take this very simple tab:


Now repeat, several hundred times at light speed. Dave Mustaine uses a variation of the technique all the time. The one that comes to mind right away (I realize it's not Dave playing it) is the intro of Peace Sells, right after the up-bend on 17 a few times, do this technique over and over again, sliding down one fret each way til you get to about fret 5.

So my problem is, whats the right way to play that? Do I hammer-on/pull-of 15(h)17(p)15? Slide? Pick each note individually really fast using alternate picking? What about hitting that final 17? Do I just hammer on and hope it rings, or do I sweep the pick down to actually pick it?

I can alternate pick it pretty well, but not quite fast enough. If I rely solely on hammer-ons & pull-offs, I feel I put myself at the mercy of luck that they'll actually ring through.

Thoughts? I know I'm overthinking this one way too much.
Try the electric guitar forum, or the technique thread at the top of the shred forum. This forum is for music theory and related subjects. No warning since you're new.

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