Hello first and foremost I would like to apoligise if this is in the wrong section and I request it be moved not deleted if it is. Thank you.

Now then. I have a Ibanez Tone Blaster 25R and was think of selling it on ebay and getting a nice tube amp. (preferably around the same size) It seems to be discontinued. Im not sure if that makes it rare or worthless. If its not worth much Il probly just keep it, but I was just seeing anyway. It has some good reviewsI hope thats a plus.

Also I was hoping That maybe Someone could reccomend me a amp. I do quite like the fender champion 600, and some of the vox amps. I like everything from blues to metal and have a epi les paul standard.
Vox and fender amps are amazing, just don't get a crate. Getting a crate was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made.
keep your amp mate itll not be worth much and its good to have a back up especially if your going for tubes

youll not get a vox tube amp cheap (valvetronix are NOT tube)
look at laney lc 15
fender c 600
epi vj
or a fender pro junior
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