Sorry, but here's another one of these. I've been playing for about 6 months now and I think that I deserve a new bass, I've been playing on an offbrand junker and it's time for a change.

The last thing that i've learned (still working on) was the bass solo in : My Generation - The Who

Price Range : 300 - 500 *more near 400 though pref.*
String Number : 4
Orientation : Right Hand
Color : Doesn't matter
Brand : Doesn't matter

any suggestions?
Def. go for a Fender Standard Jazz Bass, easily fits in that budget, and is very versatile.
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Those are of course the two other good options in that price range. They may be up near $600 but I think they're worth it. Though I recommend you get out to the nearest guitar shop and try them out if they have them. The only real way to tell whcih bass is for you is by trying it out yourself.

In my opinion, the fender's are very very nice basses, though I think their tone is too vintage for my liking. If I were to ever get one I'd change the pickups to something with a warmer more modern tone.

The Schecter is a pretty good bass. It's loud and capable of many tones. It also has 24 frets which the fender does not. thus you'll have better access to the higher frets and more notes to play. It also has an active EQ allowing you to shape your tone even more. The neck is also rather thin so it should be pretty easy for you to play depending on the width of the neck your current bass has. I find them a bit wierd just because i'm used to thicker P bass necks, but after a while of playing it I'm sure I'd be able to get used to it.

The Rockbass is another good bass. 24 frets and amazing low end, however it can be quite trebly as well. Also has an active EQ, however it is only 2 bands instead of 3 bands on the schecter. I found this bass to be very playable and quite confortable. There have been some worries about the quality of the build with this bass however. People have experienced their input jacks becoming loose and coming out or their electronics going haywire after a few months of playing. It's not a guaranteed thing, however it happens enoguh to have some worry about it.

Pretty much I think you can't go wrong with any of those three basses however it's really up to what you think suits your needs most and what sounds best to you. I hope I've helped somewhat.
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