So, what forums do you go on the most here at UG?

for me its:
The Pit
Cover songs
electric guitar
Electric guitar g. and e.

and sometimes
lyrics and song writing nad original recordings.
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Da pit
Blues and Jazz
Classic Rock
Guitar building and modificatio
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I only visit The Pit.

The other ones are too mature for my liking.

+1, although I don't know if that was sarcasm.
I'm a Pit monkey, but i like to go to R&R and the Newbie Forum
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+1, although I don't know if that was sarcasm.

I was sincere.
currently i only go in the pit but will probably be going into the gear etc. forum in a bit because im looking to buy some new stuff and no almost nothing about different stuff
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The Pit
Mod Rock
PP & E
Band Promotion
Site Feedback
Original Recordings