why is it that a lot of metalcore and hardcore bands use drop tunings while metal bands use standard tunings?

For example:

Standard tuning: At the Gates- B standard

Drop Tuning: Hatebreed- Drop C
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Because they seem to think that, the lower the tuning, the bigger their ****.


Sometimes it suits the singers style.
You also have acess to higher notes on the 6th string.

its also easy to make some power chords, but only some.
some metal bands switch between standard and drop

in flames for example switch between c standard and drop a#
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Some prefer the one-finger powerchords, some prefer the normal style. It's preference, really.
sometimes the singer can sing better in a low key so they tune down to it. and the drop tuning thing just kinda gives you some different options for chords and stuff.
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Lots of Classical guitars is in Drop D
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i like how the second and third posts complete ignore the fact that b standard is lower than drop c.
Oh Shit!
Usually? Because metalcore/hardcore is less talented than metal. /stereotypical metalhead elitist response.

It makes things easier in reality. And also contributes to generic riff stylings.
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