Yes, I know you've probably already seen a million threads just like this, so sue me. But I need help, and so I am turning to the one place I trust to help me: the Ultimate-Guitar community.

Basically, my friend and I are in a band. A few of you would know that from seeing my other posts saying as such. The friend in question is Galvanise69. Basically, most of the riffs we write we don't like. Those that we do like we can't link together to form songs. So can someone tell us how we work on this? And don't just say wait, I've been waiting for ages.

Also, are there any excersises you know of to help us break out of our one-string mentality? What I mean by this is that everything we write is on one string, where as if you look at something like Lamb Of God's Hourglass 'vomit riff' it's on a few strings and moves over the strings. Any excercises you can reccommend to help us start expanding? Thanks.
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Play songs in different keys . move on the fret board like ur running for ur life. even if you have say 1 to 2 riffs that u like synchronize thwm in a single key and then build up a chord progression for it. it can be anything from majot to dimnished to power and once the basic structuring is done try to come up with lyrics for it and jam alot with ur band mates let any instrument take the lead.

and plz read the rules before posting.i'll have to report this