nah, for a starter guitar I'd grab a pack from epiphone or squier
get some more money

and get the epi standard pack with the amp

or the vintage g400

or lp100

trust me the wildfire is a pos
In my opinion all starter packs are trash. I like drive amps but only because they are light and since i just got mine today i cant vouch for their tone.

What kind of music do you play? How long have you been at it or is this your very first guitar? How much money do you have?

If your really just starting out and you want to really learn MUSIC, id say try and find a used mexican strat or other if strats arent your thing . you can get an amp later on when you have gotten down the mechanics of playing a guitar (strumming, fretting...the physical stuff)

Ive got nothing better to do tonite so if you like i can give you a hand finding a starting setup, but for the most part starter packs are the cheapest guitars and amps a company has to throw together and sell to make a quick profit off unsuspecting and unknowing buyers.
Starter packs tend not to be so great. Get someone who knows about these things to go with you and pick out a guitar and amp seperately. You will stand a chance of getting a little better deal and quality. Your best deals may be used.