im planing on selling my Schecter C-1 Plus but im not sure how much i should sell it for. its a 2005 model, black cherry finish, only a few pick scratches (its never left my room), ive changed the pup rings to creme, and ive also installed Gibson '57 Classic pups and had it professionally set up with 11's in standard tuning. i was also going to throw in a hardshell case, its a washburn case though. i was thinking $400 cause i bought everything new:
C-1 plus- $550
'57's - $200
case- $80
all together thats $830. so i was thinking $400 would be a good price. what do yall think?

for to say that ill also throw in the old duncan designed pups. no need for them really
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i would go for about $600 if i were you
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It really depends on who plans on buying it. Some store will give you barley anything, but with ebay or craigslist you could make probably more dough then you thought.
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im not selling to a store, theyll just rip me off. i was actually thinking about posting in the gear ad's here or looking around my town to sell to someone, like post something on myspace. so yall think i could really get more then $400? sweet. and i forgot to mention id also throw in the old duncan designed pups, no need for them.
you could easily get $400, dont take anything below that, even at our shop you could get about $360
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About $415, yeah. Assuming everything is in good condition. Do it like this, start at like $480, or $500, and work it from there. It's well worth $500 IMO.
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i think i might do that then. cause if i start out at $400 people will want me to bring the price down but if i start at $500 then the price can be lowered but i can still get the amount of money i want
I'd put it on ebay with a reserve of $450. You could probably get about $550-$600 for it though.

If I were in the market for a Schecter C-1, I'd give $450 for the guitar alone. Depending on how well it's set up and how well it plays, I believe you won't have to take the price down as far as you're thinking.
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