Anyone know a good song that's only one guitar/one singer? I'm playing with a girl who has an incredible voice (all state choir master), and if it's any help the last one we did was Blackbird. Any help is appreciated.
London Halflife - Metric, if someone could play piano, that would be perfect! If not, still good.
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Hey there Delilah??? I wrote a long list in the acoustic forum just look for it.
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Johnny Cash - Hurt

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Yuh, Hurt's a good one. More recently, Slow Cheetah by the RHCP. That's a great song. There's a tiny solo in there which requires a second guitar, but it can do without .
Incubus - Mexico
Regretably, a lot of people like Wonderwall by Oasis.
I'll probably think of a few more later
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Zakk Wylde - Book of Shadows

A acoustic album by Zakk Wylde, almost all songs are him alone, singing while playing acoustic, they're some beautiful tunes on that album!
Some acoustic Jeff Buckley would be good. Check out the Live At Sin-E extended edition stuff. Maybe try "Calling You" - beautiful song.
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Check out jack penate (at least thats what i think his name is)
hes awesome, hes got a band, but he does some only guitar/singing work