I've been looking for good 5string and have looked at many basses on the internet.
There isn't a really good choice of basses in my local shops, but I'll be traveling out of the country very soon and will be also going guitar shopping.
At first I was really impressed by the Schecter Elite 5, everyone seemed to like it and really recommended it. But then I found another Bass the LTD B-405. They seem basically the same but have some differences. They are both neck-thru, EMG's, Mahogany bodies and so on. But the Schecter has passive EMG's and a S-tek bridge.
The LTD has active EMG's and a string-thru bridge. So I ask which is a better bass?
I will be trying them both but I'm sure that I've will like them both and not notice the differences.

Schecter Elite 5

I can't comment on one of the basses, but my good friend has a Schecter Elite-5 bass, and I jam on it all the time. To me, it is one of the best sounding instruments I've ever heard.
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Anyone can comment on the other bass as well? Someone who has had experience with both of them.
ok the difference between the two is

the B405 has EMG ACTIVE pickups the Schecter has passive HZ

the B405 has EMG 3band EQ wich=god the shecter has schecter made 2 band

The b405 has grover tuners the schecter does not

the B405 has string thru body and thru-top the schecter only has thru top

the schecter has 35'' scale the B405 has 34"

the B405 has wider veriety of sound options/tone a more "HUGE" sound GOBS more bass response the EQ is smoother sounding and the trebble is not harsh like the ELiete 5. the B405's bridge pickup has more bass than the stiletto's neck pickup.
with the grover tuners i only have to tune my bass maybe once a week and maybe 2 of the 5 strings are out of tune.

on top of all that the B405 looks cooler it is the most photogenic bass ive ever seen and just looks good. if youre playing one of those people are going to know oyu mean buisness.

basicly all around the B405 is a more high quality more expensive bass i payed less than the eliete-5 for mine BUT that was because i got lucky. a new one is between $750-$900 but you may get lucky too
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