I'm looking to get in a band to play bass. I live in Northumberland about 25 miles from Newcastle city centre, and I'm into most types of rock and metal bar soft crap rock (i.e indie) and ultra hardcore death metal (i.e cannibal corpse, but you have to admire the hilarity of their song names!). If you check my gear in my pm you will see that my bass is sexy, yet cheap (£130. hoping to upgrade to a £399 Ibanez SR500 some day) and my amp is meatier than a Chuck Norris sandwich. If anyone's interested, contact me on here and I can send you some stuff if you request any. Cheers.
Hi mate, would you be able to send me a little bit of your stuff?

Many thanks,

I live in Newcastle and am looking for somebody to jam/start a band with

I like
Iron Maiden
Green Day
Bullet For My Valentine
Linkin Park
and lots more (basicaly if its got good guitar music than I probably like it).

Guitars: BC Rich Warlock bronze series/Peavey Raptor plus
Pedals: Behringer wd 300
Amps: BC Rich BCL 10/Peavey Backstage 2
I live about 10 miles maybe more from newcastle, goin back to newcastle college in september >_>
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hey dno if this is a bit of a dead thread but anway ayee im intrested
I live in bedlington, and im into hendrix, led zep, SRV, Robben Ford, owt apart from really heavy/death metal
hey penguinarmy, what course are you doing?
i live in northumberland and i like pretty much anything that sounds good but mainly heavy rock. killswitch engage has to be a favourite along with SOAD and audioslave. but i am up for playing anything.

twanglers: ibanez s520x, ibanez sz 520QM, epi les paul custom, epi EJ 200 acoustic. currently going through my boss MT2 metal zone pedal into a rather embarassing marshall MG30DFX, but my orange stack will be replacing it soon!
krozka-sharpe raider session 'revo'
ibanez s520ex with SD TB-10 full shred bridge
ibanez sz520qm
epiphone les paul custom
epiphone EJ200

Orange tiny terror with PPC112 cab