looking for a really stunning jazz guitar not sure if i want to go for a really big jazz box or slightly slimer one still thinking about

looking to play more kind of more modern jazz stuff

something really special but up to $1000 max

i kinda like some of the ibanez artcore custom series but are there any hidden gems out there small companies i havent heard of making amazing instruments at a good price?

just want to make sure i havent missed anything before i buy

any suggestions would be awesome


schecters C1 E/A suprised me with some great smooth jazz tones, but the one i played had a pickup swap for a JB/Jazz from duncan, Artcores are pretty nice, as well as Epiphone hollow and semi hollows
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I really hate the artcores, you can get much much nicer for your budget.

I'd look at an Epiphone Elitist hollowbody, or a used Gibson one (if you try real real hard you can find one for that cheap)
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artocre is a really good choice, i've played some of them (i don't know the exact models) and they have a nice tone and playability

take a look into some gretsch guitars
does anyone know how good those old 1989 epiphone by gibson Sheratons are?