When ever I put a song on here people always say that it needs lyrics, I always write lyrics but never put them up due to the fact i can't sing. I have put lyrics up with this one.
Anyway can you please comment on this, nice one.

It's called stuck in a rut
Im loving the beginning, your accent really makes the song awesome, this is totally something i would listen to and like buy a cd of, the song could use like strings or something i'm not really to sure but i personally think it needs something, oh yeah the vocals could be turned up your not a bad singer your just not confident i actually quite like your voice, i also really like the first part of the little riff thing with the two guitars one in left and one in right over the chords in the middle, nice little solo thing to it adds a lot to the song, i'm definitely liking the chord progressions as well, this song vaguely (sp?) reminds me of the shins for some reason.

it's quite amazing really. i don't think theres anything you could really improve to the actual song except maybe i just thought it would sound cool with that little riff thing that is the intro if that was played with a violin setting on a keyboard or something i think that would sound cool and then maybe trumpet following the chords but that may be to much, actually scratch that i would listen to it how it is, but i suppose just turn the vocals up and then it'd be quite brilliant in my opinion

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alright man listening now.

Nice acoustic beginning, with a awesomely simple but effetive lead. Vocals are very low. Through 1:30 its alittle boring so far. The guitar playing is good, but the vocals dont seem to add any flavor ya know? Im not baggin on ya its just a little bland. I dunno your vocal limitations but you might wanna expirment. Got back to the lead now, awesome melody thats what i like about the song. Also how you panned the other speaker aswell nice. All in all the ideas are there man. There good. No lie, there just screamin for just alittle more.

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