hey all ..ok ive written again hope u ppl like it...plz comment...thanks a lot...i really need to learn how to write...so plz do the needful...correct me ..thanks again...

this quiet moment reminds me of my lonliness
that distance filled up within me
one that rescues me is the thought of you
and you unconditional love that always completes me
feel each breath as i hold you close
to this heart that always belonged to you
tranqulity in my mind, content soul takes over
for you are the only thing that i desire
destiny brought us together, this world took us away
emptiness inflicts pain upon me
this soltitude they've put me in
taken away from the brightest start in my sky
i fight to make my way home
for i shall not surrender to this insanity
with the dawning of this new day
i hope for a victory over this struggle
i hope to be with you again my love