I have a Marshall DSL401 and an Ibanez Turbo Tubescreamer. I normally use the OD2 channel but at band practice I noticed a massive difference in output using my newly EMG equipped PRS Singlecut, so i think I'm rolling into the OD1 channel probs !

I think there is an overdrive out there that will better suit my needs, although I'm a fan of my TS9DX. I want an overdrive without the mid-range "hump" that commonly associated with Ibanez Tubescreamers.

If I put my MXR 6 Band EQ in front of my TS, I could lower the mid-range i suppose. Haven't tried that out.

Can anyone help who has experience with ANY of the following overdrives....or have a suggestion as to what would suit what i'm looking for ?

Been looking into: MXR GT-OD Custom Shop; MXR Custom Audio Electonics OD/Booster; Fulltone Fulldrive 2; Maxon OD9+

Also, my tubes are stock Marshall tubes......would changing them to JJ's, EHX, Groove Tubes etc. be worth it to test with my current Tubescreamer ?
Look at a Fulltone OCD. The Fulldrive is a TS clone, and any maxon OD is as well.
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I've got a Boss MT-2, a MXR Double Shot and an MXR Dime....i prefer the tone from my amp and an overdrive. Just looking for an OD with less of a mid-hump.
mod the tube screamer to get rid of the mid range hump
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Thanks for the tips. I think the Fulltone OCD sounds a cool idea and I have heard a lot of good thing about them. Wouldnt mind trying the micro Amp too as it's half the price, i know a lot of folk swear by them.
Put another vote towards the Boss MT-2 if you're looking for heavy lows and mids
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Put another vote towards the Boss MT-2 if you're looking for heavy lows and mids
Is this some kind of sick joke?
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LOL. I mentioned I have an MT-2. And there is a serious reason why it ain't used in my setup ! The only time it's sounded good was when i recorded a part for one of my band's song and used it with my Boss Phase Shifter for a crazy intro effect. Other than that it's only decent for low volume practice!
the micro amp isn't an OD it's a volume boost
which can od an amp
but it's not an OD
and i have JJs in my plexi!!! and i freakin love them