I am looking to get a great power metal tone for leads and solos, soemthing along the tone of Hammerfall's solos. I think i need some pedal to boost my gain so i can get that scorching tone with those crystal clear harmonics. Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of pedal might be good?

I'm currently using an Ibanez RGR521EX2 which has the "designed by EMG" pickups through my Crate GT212.
If you want a good metal tone sound then I would suggest you get the Boss Metal Zone pedal or the new Boss Metal Core pedal. Go to your local music store and check each of them out. I use Metal Zone my self and I add Boss DD3 Delay for solo parts. The tone comes out super clear and heavy. I use a Marshall AVT 100 watt amp. I hope this info help you. ROCK ON!!!!
There are so many distortion pedals out there that you got to find something that sings to you!!! I play with a Boss Metal Zone but it might not be your thing, same goes for the metal muff, etc. Go to your local guitar shop and try a selection of Distortion pedals, not everyone has the same taste
Ibanez RGR321EX
Schecter Omen 7 (with Dimarzio D-Sonic in bridge and Air Norton in neck)
Tokai TFL-1 Flanger
Boss RGE-10 Graphic EQ
Ibanez DE7 Delay/Echo
Boss TU-2 Tuner
Laney IronHeart IRT60 212

I recommend the Boss MT-2 based on experience. I do suggest, however, to check out the new Boss ML-2 pedal. It sounds real nice and makes me want to splurge on another pedal.
metal muff u wont regret it, it can go from hendrix, to sabbath, to megadeth if u know how to set it up!