i found a good deal on it $300 and was wondering if anyone has used it before .. is the distortion good does it sound awsome with the right pedals? or does it just suck?
i have a crate gt412 300watt cab to use it with.

please no get a tube amp comments please
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Gibsons are pure crap, they're made of plywood and don't even have real pickups. Just sponges with silver paint on them and a small spanish man named Pepé inside squealing.
It's got A LOT of gain at least... I use it fo metal, but this amp does it all... If you hate solid-state by nature, you may no like it as much, but you won't hate it... No pedal's is needed really... Only a noise gate... since this amp can get noisy!
get a tube amp..

Its not good imo! Theres better!

Imo if you were to sell you cab and add that to your budget and then get a used 5150 or something would be a massive step up!
I had the half stack for a while, it is actually a very very good amp. It is very versitile, both gain channels are real good and actually useful. Trust me that you don't need distortion pedals with it, for $300 it is a good price, ya there is better out there, but for the price I say go for it, I loved mine.