So i went to guitar center the other day and got to play alot of guitars. The two I loved most were the schecter c-1 classic and the american deluxe ash fat strat. I also liked the highway one model. I play all different types of music, so versatility is key. However, im a stikcler when it comes to the guitar being in tune. Since I'm coming from an Ibanez s470, im a bit wary of a fulcrum bridge staying in tune well. The classic has grovers and a tone-pros bridge so im not to worried about it staying in tune on that one. So the question is which one do I leap for?
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you have a srv display icon, i think the choice is clear haha
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C-1 - With two humbuckers, both coil split, it's a versatile instrument. The construction is neck thru with great sustain and I prefer the neck over Fender offerings. Not to mention with properly stretched strings, it will never go out of tune. Unfortunately, I would probably be naturally baised as I prefer the Schecter feel over Fender.

But for a less baised comparison, you will be loosing a few advantages of the Fender fat strat, such as lighter weight, bolt on design (neck breaks are an easy fix) and Alder tone (which is tough to replicate on a mahogany bodied guitar).
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if you, at all, want the strat tone, get the strat. its the only way to get that tone.
but if you really want lots of diferent tones, from decent clean, to crunchy to heavy, go with the c-1.

i would go with the strat, but that is just me.