Im going to buy the ESP LTD EC 1000,i wanted the white one or the vintage black but they come with EMG's,which i dont mind much cuz i play allot of metal but now i got in to blues too and i was thinking of gettin the sunbursh with duncans because i can get a real good deal on it.

Now would the EMG;s 81=60 be better to cover metal and blues or would the duncans cover them both better.. JB 59..

i know it also depends allot on the amp..

pics just for the helll of it

Vintage black


Get the Duncans, if you want to play any cleans. The EMGs will do good for metal, but the one 60 in the bridge won't be nearly as good for cleans as a JB and '59. And the Duncans will do fine for metal as well, they just won't have quite the same tone as EMG Actives.
Dont hold me to this...
But i think someone once told me that EMGs can produce a nice bluesy sound aswell as metal..
Although im not certain.
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EMGs can do blues. I dont know much about the 60 but from what i've heard, its better than the 85. I have the 85 and I like it very much so I think you'll do great with the 60.
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60 can give you a good bluesy tone form the neck position. You can even get a good bluesy tone form the 81 in the bridge with the right amp settings and you roll back the pickup volume just a touch.
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But, you'll get better blues tone from an SD JB/'59 set than you will from an EMG 81/60 set. Basically, do you want better blues tone or better metal tone? It's marginal either way.

I'd go with the SDs just because with the EMGs you have to change your battery now and then, and I'm lazy as hell.