does anyone know what kind of pedals rob from black rebel motorcycle club uses? any help appreciated
Rob's main instrument is a red 60s Epiphone Rivoli. As a backup, he uses a sunbrust colored Gibson EB-2 (although he seems to use the backup instrument more often in recent shows).

Rob's amp is an Ampeg Svt-II 300W tube amp, which drives two Ampeg 8x10 speaker cabinets. Sometimes he adds an Ampeg Svt Classic (also 300W) for the second cabinet.

Rob's pedalboard contains several hard to identify distortion pedals. The big one on the right seems to be an Electro Harmonix Tube Zipper. He likes to run several pedals at once in order to achieve different layers and shades of distortion.

Rob plays with a pick. This, the shortscale instument, using distortion, etc, it all reflects his way of playing the bass more like a low-tuned guitar.