I've been playing guitar for a while now. Self taught myself. First thing I did was learn some chords, practised them and moving between them fast, then I went straight into learning songs involving the chords. Then onto using tabs.

I never really learned which note was which on the fret board, or any scales or anything. (except A maj pentatonic)

Years ago I got grade 3 for trumpet and I've played piano/keyboard sometime in my life so I know how to read music n the basics, so I guess now I want to learn some scales and learn how to improvise with them.

Can anyone give me any advise or point to a good webpage to help me?
well i play bass, and i didnt know how to read bass music, just cello,and i downloaded powertab and learned how to read the bass sheet music there
and to learn what notes are what just find out on a site and play the note and say it to yourself and u will (eventually) learn the names of every notes and be able to play scales and improvise better
if that helps
Check out the Musician Talk forum FAQ, that will take years to get through + anything you don't understand just ask around in there!
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Go to your staff paper and re-write this song a half step down so on the paper it'll be like you have a "C" just move it down to a "B#"

Know your theory, then play like you don't.

Start here: http://www.ibreathemusic.com/article/31

Then proceed to work through all of Gunharth's articles (intervals, triads, sevenths, major scale, modes, minor scales).
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