He uses an amplifier powered by the hope of orphans and rectified and equalized by Jesus. It runs cabinets with custom Celestions, of course.

It's a Carvin Legacy.

EDIT: Don't quote me on that Celestion bit.

that should be his whole rig setup
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satch uses marshall, and recently, peavey
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satch uses marshall, and recently, peavey

You phail.

And that GuitarGeek of his is a few years old.
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i always thought he uses marshall amps?

I believe in his early career (ie. whitesnake) he did use marshalls before switching to the carvins.
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that should be his whole rig setup

His rig has changed quite a bit...

Morley Bad Horsie I (he doesn't use the II for some reason)
Morley Little Alligator
Boss DS-1
MXR EVH Phaser
Ibanez TS-9 DX
TC Electronics G-System
Carvin Legacy

Vai used various amps. Marshall during his Zappa stint, and various preamps with VHT power amps during the DLR and Whitesnake days.

edit - forgot the whammy - doh!!!
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You were horribly misinformed, sir.

He had used Marshalls until just a few years ago, when he started used Carvin for everything in his rig, not just the usual rack units he had. He has also used Bogner and various other brands.