Does anybody know the tuning Rammstein uses, and the tuning used by System of a Down on Hypnotize and Mezmereize (drop D or Drop Db)?
my question was whether system of a down used Drop D or Drop Db. A half step makes some difference. i know the tunings, just wanted some opinion
rammstien use drop D along with others i think but im not sure cos im not really a huge fan

soad use drop Db along with drop C, theyve never used drop D
SOAD uses DADGAD with a full step down actually
in other words (from low to high) CGCFGC

on most songs anyway like Aerials
and other songs used different tuning
all there tunning are based on a C tho
dude use your head and go look at a tab by the bands on here the tuning is always at the top if its anything other than standard.
I have the tab books for both mezmerize and hypnotize. Both albums use both Drop Db and Drop C (Drop D down a half step and Drop D down a whole step).
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