Hi guys.. I own a peavey 6505 head, and a marshall 1936 2x12 cab. I just got a line 6 head III for my brother, and that thing smoked. I really liked its the features, and it sounded awsome out of the box (literally)... Am I going deaf to think that the 250 bucks head sounds better than a 6505? or am I just not equalizing the 6505 right? or playing at the right volumes (I tried them at home so the volume wasn't show loud)?.

Should I sell my almost brand new 6505 and go for the line 6 not tube series?

I just can't believe I really liked it, but Im not sure if i should go from tubes back to solid state (or digital)

thanks a lot for your experiences/opinions

The 6505 primarily runs on preamp gain and doesn't rely on power tube distortion, anyways its going to be very loud once it does start breaking up.

I heard some dude said his stock 6505 tubes blow and that he changed them for JJs and now his head is a monster.
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turn up your 6505. it's gotta be loud to be brutal. the louder it gets the better it sounds.
Reserve any decisions until you try both at a rehearsal.
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