ok, i've been trying to get into tattooing but i don't know what all the supplies i'll be needing are, and also what the conditions and laws and so forth are about this kind of thing. if anyone knows or knows of a website that would be great, thanks.
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what country are you in? in usa, you should go to a tattoo shop and ask about apprenticeship; that's how you get in.

if anyone wants to take on an apprentice, they'll get you going from there. if not, try other shops or try again later. look for reputable shops, btw.

in other countries, i imagine it's the same, but i can't be sure.
there are collages you can go to an courses appreneships etc. an drawing with a tattoo gun isnt like a pencil! You want as much background with it as youcan dont do it via an online tutorial u got off torrentspy.

Go for it though man i thought about it myself but then someone moved into my town an took over lol .
go to a JC or something for art so you have a STRONG background in art than as they said before an apprenticeship at a GOOD shop not those crappy ones than try to get an apprenticeship at a shop that is some what well know even outside of the area.
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