It's a singer/songwriter type thing.


I play all the isntruments, and record at home with VERY poor equipment. But it's honest, and the quality is bearable.

I will be uploading more songs from the old album shortly. For now, I think there are one or two songs up. I'd like some feedback, and I'll post again when the other songs are up (which will be some time tonight).

Thanks, hope you enjoy.
It's pretty good, for the quality. I suppose that if you wanted to, you could probably use Audacity to remove a bit o the fuzz, which would make it seem a bit better. I can't really judge the vocals or instrumentation because of the quality, but I like the general feel of it.

And I sent you a request.
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Haha, I actually used Audacity to record it. I left the quality bad just to solidify the fact that they were rough recordings. I'm recording a demo right now with good equipment.

Thanks for the add, I will accept that.
hey i like the idea of it, espicially the first song when you have the harmonica going in the beginning. nice work, espicially for one person.
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