im considering starting or trying to start a band with my drummer friend. im very fascinated as to what kind of results could come from it, i was thinking of something similar to the white stripes but with a bass instead of guitar, and a lot of slap-bass grooveness.

was wondering if anyone here has attempted a purely bass and drums (maybe vocals too) band, and how they found it.

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Ive never attempted it, but a cool band thats done it is Death from Above 1979.
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whats ur guyz fave band. mine is lead zepelion or something like that. the guitar player of them is so good.
If you haven't heard of them, Lightning Bolt and DFA1979 are bands with a bass/drum duo.

They're both pretty good.

I personally haven't tried to make a drum/bass band, but they're pretty groovy.
a local band that done it, really good, myspace them, amour fou
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I used to do a thing occasionally with a drummer, it was just an instrumental thing with me on bass/synth and him playing with an electronic drum kit. We did some really odd post-rock stuff and it was fun.
Yes I have and let me tell ya:

1) It's a little different than playing with a band as you have to figure out a way not to mesh the drums and the melody anymore. You have to bridge the melody and the bassline that nobody is playing either of. You need to have a song that's ambiguous enough to be a bassline, or the melody of a song. It's a very tall order to try at the same time to make a melody and a bassline. The way I do it is make either a melody or a bassline and then try and bridge it more into the opposite.

2) You need to write your own stuff. If you ever relied on someone else to write your stuff for you forget it. A drummer usually cannot usually write music with notation involved.

3) Your songs now can no longer be riff based. You must write a line than flows and is less continuous riff. You can still write with verse and chorus it's just you can no longer rely on somebody else to keep the song captivating and interesting.
Haha, Im in one now, but we played random stuff. Such as covers where the bass will just play chords and such. Then also some funk. Then some grindcore.

My friend and I switch between drums and bass too. Makes for a fun time.
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Since we are currently without a regular guitar player to jam with, its usually just me and my spouse drummer in the weekly jams. Its a great combo and very rhythym oriented.

Jazz_rock really has hit the essentials above. In a way, striping it down to just the drums and bass sets you free to really explore the rhythym and the melodic on the bass and really interweave the rhythym exploration between the two instruments, whether you are creating an original piece or exploring an extended jam of "Interstellar Overdrive" for instance.

Even just as jam session, I'd highly recommend it.
Most D & B bands that I have heard, the bass player always uses effects. Your just going to have bass for your melodies. Effects can add a great variety of ways you can make music. Just something to consider

And........ Death From Above 1979 is freakin' awesome. Too bad it's over now.

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